Building Operations and Maintenance Requests

Routine maintenance requests for non-urgent jobs to repair or maintain existing facilities or services in the Wilshire Glendon Building.

Please email OBFS Operations to report problems.

Routine requests consist of:

  • Building repair (AC, electrical, maintenance, restrooms)
  • Emergency supplies
  • Ergonomic supplies
  • Key and building access
  • Space management
  • Telephone orders (new lines/equipment only)
  • Xerox toner/repair


The UCLA Ergonomics department provides a variety of services free-of-charge to UCLA employees with the goal of maintaining ergonomic workstations to proactively address and prevent repetitive motion and other injuries. To request Ergo Assessment, please complete the following:

After completing, please contact ORA ergonomic liaison, Aiza Almario.

Emergency Response

Our ORA Emergency Response Plan manual is available for all staff members. More emergency preparedness can be found through the following links:

Emergency Supplies

  • ORA employees are issued a red Emergency Backpack with standard supplies provided by ORA. On the last day of employment, backpacks must remain with the department.
  • First aid kits are located in kitchens on the 7th, 8th, and 9th floors and are regularly stocked and intended for emergency first aid only.

Please email OBFS Operations to report any depleted items or to request any emergency supplies.

Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Manual

The UCLA Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is a guide to assist university administrators and supervisors to promote the health and safety of their employees. This IIPP complies with the Cal/OSHA requirement to provide a safe and healthful workplace for all employees. It establishes methods for identifying and correcting workplace hazards, providing employee safety training, communicating safety information, and ensuring compliance with safety programs. It is reviewed and updated annually to reflect any changes in regulations, personnel or procedures.

This program has been implemented locally within the Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) organization based on the campus recommended guidelines which have been modified only to reflect roles, procedures, and workflow within the organization. IIPP Committee meetings, made up of representatives from each VCR unit/area, are held quarterly.


All UCLA staff and students will be added to the web-based campus directory. For any questions or recent updates to information listed in the campus directory, please contact Allynn Lewis.

Mail and Courier Service

UCLA Mail Services

  • Mail delivery/pick-up service is after 9:00 a.m.
  • Location: Supply Mailroom in Suite 700-51
  • OBFS will deliver mail to each department’s Point of Contact.


  • Please contact Allynn Lewis for FedEx shipping labels.
  • FedEx packages can be dropped off at the Wilshire Glendon Loading Dock.
  • Packages can also be walked to the Wilshire Building FedEx drop-off located at 10920 Wilshire Boulevard near the security desk on the 1st floor. Pick-up time is 4:15 p.m.

Important Note: The appropriate recharge ID must be included on the reference portion of the label. If you have any questions please contact Lupe Romero at (310) 794-0136.

Visitor Information and Parking

Visitors coming to the Office of Research Administration (ORA) will park at Parking Lot 38 in the Wilshire Glendon Building 10889 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90095. For directions and information, please see links below:

For courtesy parking on campus, please notify Financial Manager, Lupe Romero at (310) 794-0136 three days in advance.

  • Please see the UCLA Parking Map for directions to the parking lot structures.
  • UCLA employees who are not ARC/IRB/COI committee members are expected to pay for parking from personal funds or use their existing parking permit.