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Most UC employees are eligible for benefits, but your benefits package depends on the length of your appointment, how many hours you work, and your appointment type. Retirees are eligible based on their age and years of service credit at retirement.

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Time Reporting

The UCPath Time Reporting System (TRS) is a web-based system designed to collect employee work hours and route for supervisor's approval.

TRS utilizes the UC time and attendance business rules to capture all hour types including work hours, vacation, sick, comp time used, leave without pay (LWOP), voting, jury duty, etc. TRS also computes overtime, shift differential, and holiday pay.

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Supervisor's Guide

Setting goals for performance in compliance with University's plans and organizational mission. Monitoring employee productivity and regularly providing constructive feedback and coaching.

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Commute Options

UCLA offers a wide variety of programs and commute options for staff members, including discounted public transit passes, bicycle incentive programs, vanpool programs, and carpool parking discounts.
If you are interested in obtaining a parking e-permit, please contact Ingrid Bermeo.
Note: Undergraduate students (including those employed by the University) must apply for parking through Parking & Commuter Services.

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Leave of Absence

Life events may occur that require you to take a leave of absence from your UC job. Regardless of the reason for your leave, there are steps you should take to ensure UC knows your intent and that you continue to be covered by any benefits for which you are eligible.

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Policy and Procedures

Employment policies describe certain rights, benefits and expectations that supports a work environment of professionalism, service, and positive contribution to work.

Positions covered by a union have specific policies agreed upon by the University and the bargaining union that apply.

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