General Supplies

Most commonly used general office and kitchen supplies are stocked and replenished on a weekly basis by OBFS Staff. UCLA ORA envelopes and stationary are ordered by request. If you require any additional items that are not stocked in the ORA supply areas, please send a request to Allynn Lewis.

IT Equipment

Please contact the ORIS Service Desk first with any questions or requests related to IT equipment or software. If a purchase is deemed necessary, ORIS will work with OBFS to place the order.

Office Equipment

Please contact Financial Manager Lupe Romero if you have any concerns or questions about existing office equipment such as copiers/fax machines and scanners.

Purchase Orders and Invoice Payments

Please submit purchase orders and invoice payment requests to Allynn Lewis. All requests must be pre-approved by individual’s Director. For conference registration, training, and certification exam invoices, please plan ahead and submit the invoice and/or registration form to OBFS at least three weeks prior to the payment due date.