Job Descriptions

Positions are established and assigned to salary structures based on the level and scope of duties and/or responsibilities assigned. Creating a job description identifies primary job functions, the degree of supervision required and the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to perform the job. Campus Compensation department reviews all job descriptions to assign it the appropriate title and salary structure. Up-to-date job descriptions are an invaluable aid for performance appraisals and merits.

The timeline below provides the approximate time it takes for existing or new job descriptions to be reviewed by UCLA’s Compensation Department after review/approval is finalized internally:

  • Existing job descriptions takes 2-3 business days to review
  • New job descriptions take 2-4 weeks from date of submission to Campus Human Resources for title/level approval

Posting a Position

Job announcements are submitted to HR Manager, Grace Yi. Once the job description has been approved, the requisition is uploaded through PeopleAdmin for posting. Approved job descriptions are posted within 1-2 business days.

New or Re-hired Employee

All career, contract, and limited appointment salary offers must be discussed in advance with HR Manager, Grace Yi to review for equity and policy compliance. After reaching agreement on salary offer, final approval is obtained from AVC Marcia Smith.

Performance Evaluations

The performance evaluation is intended as a means of measuring and enhancing individual and, in turn, institutional performance, fostering professional development and career growth, determining merit increases, and meeting the internal and external demands for documentation of individual performance.

For ORA, the review period is from April 1 to March 31. They are due annually by May 31.


Resignation letters must be turned in to Grace Yi as soon as written notice by the employee is given. An appointment is scheduled for the employee to meet with Ingrid on the last work day to turn in keys, Bruin ID, cancel parking, and any other University property to receive final separation documents. Employee will receive the final paycheck on the next payroll cycle.

Work Study Program for Currently Enrolled UCLA Students

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) is intended to stimulate and promote part-time student employment, particularly students from low-income families, as part of their financial aid package. The federal government allocates funds annually to the UCLA Financial Aid Office for this purpose.

Through the Federal Work-Study Program, departments and Work-Study share the salary cost of a student. Work-Study pays 50% and the department pays 50%. The program begins in the fall and an announcement with the details of the program is sent out via email by our ORA Human Resources Office.

Submit a brief job summary to Ingrid Bermeo. The job ad will be posted onto the Work-Study website.

Types of Appointments

Appointment Type



Indefinite appointment with medical, dental, vision, and participation in the UC Retirement System.


Specified length of appointment not to exceed four years, percentage of time, salary, and work days. Incumbent may or may not have career benefits, depending on percentage of appointment and duration.


Temporary appointment to complete a project before reaching 1,000 hours. Appointments may be any percentage of time, fixed or variable, during which the appointee is expected to be on pay status for less than 1,000 from the original date of hire. The unit director/supervisor is notified when an employee reaches 700 hours so a job posting can be prepared and submitted to the Personnel Office, if the employee is going to become a career employee. Managers/supervisors are discouraged from using limited appointments to avoid benefit expense.

Casual Restricted

For enrolled UCLA students only.


For enrolled UCLA students in the federal work-study program.